Celebrity Trend: Retro 50′s Fashion

The 1950′s was undeniably one of the most influential decades for fashion breakthroughs. For the first time in history, clothing was made to be geared more towards younger women, and top designers like Christian Dior began to tailor clothing like full, shorter skirts and tight-wasited dresses. Such pieces became iconic, with celebrities and general folks adopting such styles with open arms.

Figures like Marilyn Monroe and Buddy Holly became true 50′s icons, putting on display such legendary pieces like swing skirts and boxy blazers.

The 50′s was a time when people were dressed to the nines at all times. Clothing was tailored just right, hair was perfectly coiffed, dainty accessories were used, and full makeup was the norm.

In recent times, television shows like “Mad Men” have had many fashion designers and fashionistas taking notice of the ultra feminine and sexy styles worn by on-screen beauties like January Jones and Christina Hendricks. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton have been developing 50′s inspired fashion pieces, with a modern, updated twist.

Retro gentleman and lady-like luxe is certainly having its moment in the limelight with more and more celebrities taking notice and adopting such iconic styles.

Check out some of Hollywood’s hottest songbirds hitting the scene in 50′s inspired retro fashion:

Taylor Swift – The “Trouble” singer seems to have fully adopted 50′s fashion, being continuously spotted and photographed in all sorts of retro pieces. She’s even got the signature red lipstick from that era, as well as perfectly coiffed hair. The country crooner has been dazzling red carpets everywhere donning classic 1950′s dresses. She’s even admitted to enjoy feeling like a “50′s housewife”, as is proven with her largely conservative numbers. Taylor loves dresses just like most girls, but also admits to never wearing the same number twice. Which means Ms. Taylor is clearly doing a lot of shopping lately!

Katy Perry – The sexy songstress clearly is having a love affair with retro styles, with her signature perfectly coiffed hair, classic 50′s makeup, and full skirted prom dress lookalikes. One of the prettiest looks she has sported was a cute baby pink dress with black lace detailing along the front – the perfect way to emulate that era. Paired with jet-black hair, milky-white skin and a full set of false lashes, Katy is the epitome of the 50′s lady.

Justin Bieber – Women aren’t the only ones sporting retro fashion these days. There are plenty of guys in the music scene channeling their inner Buddy Holly with some classic 50′s clothing and hair styles. Justin Bieber is the perfect example – as of late, the “Baby” singer chopped off his signature locks into a 50′s inspired coif that is looking pretty close to Pink’s “Pompadour” hair-do. Paired with retro eyeglasses and classic cardigans, The Biebs is totally rocking the 50′s look with style.

Bruno Mars – The styles of Elvis Presley are being embraced by many of Hollywood’s celebs, including Bruno Mars. The talented young singer/songwriter has been sporting big hair and boxy blazers to truly capture 50′s fashion. He really seemed to travel back in time with a baby blue Elvis-inspired suit that he recently wore at one of his stage performances. The crooner really channels Elvis – from the duds to the energy.

Nick Jonas – The youngest Jonas Brothers bandmates is prepping for his new retro role in ‘How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying’, but he seems to be taking this style into his personal life as well. He really does suit the look, particularly when sporting a crisp business suit and silky bow ties. The smug smiles that he generally gives the camera completes the look!

Considering the classic nature of retro 50′s fashion, it’s possible that this look will be sticking around for a while!

Trend Alert: Long, “Stiletto” Nails

After years of the squared-off manicures, nail salons are getting more and more requests for one of the hottest new trends in nail art: the “stiletto” nail. The nickname was given to this look considering the similarity of the sharp, pointy stiletto heel with the tapered ends of the newest manicure. It seems that every day, another hot music artist is spotted donning the long, pointy look, including Beyonce, Fergie and Katy Perry.

Some celebs are taking the style very subtly, with only nude nail colours being painted over them. Others take the style to the max, painting them the brightest hues imaginable, complete with gems, sparkles, and multi-colors on the same nail. Either way, this seems to be the next big thing in the world of mani’s.

Women seem to be quite experimental with their fashion these days. As more and more women have become acclimatized to more daring hues on nails – like black, chocolate brown and nay blue – they are constantly looking for other ways to be more daring. This is where the long, “stiletto” nails come into play. They elongate the fingers, and add a subtle “femme fatale” element to a woman’s look.

As many of the music industry’s hottest performers have shown, this look seems to compliment more sharp shoulders and rigged hair styles as well. Case in point: Lady Gaga and Rihanna. With chip-free gel manicures and and other nail technologies, women are more free to go more dramatic with their nails, considering how long-lasting they are, and how infrequently their polish will peel or chip.

The following are only a handful of music artists that can’t seem to get enough of nail’s hottest new trend:

Rihanna – The sultry singer rarely makes an appearance without her signature long “stiletto” nails, painted in every color imaginable, and every combination of hues you can possibly fit on 10 fingers. The Bardabian beauty loves to change things up with her nails as frequently as the days pass, in addition to her quick-change hair, clothing, shoes and makeup. She certainly is a trend setter – Riahnna is probably one of the first celebrity singers who has been spotted wearing this new red-hot nail trend, and is certainly continuing to trail-blaze ahead with her continuous manicure changes. She has definitely inspired other celebs to sport this fashion trend, including her BFF Katy Perry!

Katy Perry – The “California Girls” singer has been spotted with pointy nails just as frequently as her BFF Rihanna has been. It’s no secret that these two are good gal pals, so it’s highly possible that they get mani’s and pedi’s together as well! It’s not unusual to see these two girls sporting almost identical manicures.

Fergie – “The Duchess” has also been frequently spotted sporting these long, pointy nails. In fact, it’s rare to see her without them. Although she likes to wear dark, bold colors, she’s also quite a fan of the nude polish, which is a much more subdued look that goes with some of her more daring outfits. Whether she’s at the Kids’ Choice Awards, at her birthday party or during Fashion Week, Fergie makes sure to always have her nails as long and pointy as possible.

Lady Gaga – The unique singer is not shy about trying new trends, and more often than not sets her own standard of fashion. Never wearing the same look twice, Lady Gaga does the same with her ever-changing nails. Nothing suits her personality and stage presence better than long pointy nails, which she is often photographed with “clawing” at the camera. Those nails certainly go quite well with her unique – borderline chaotic – outfits, with such sharp, squared-off edges and over-the-top hairstyles. With some of the outrageous shoes she’s been spotted in, the nails just seem to go quite perfectly with them.

Adele – The Oscar-winning songstress was recently spotted at this year’s Grammy’s sporting the long, pointy nail trend. Adele seems to be more in favor of nude polishes, considering the magnitude of such nails. Although this is seemingly a trend, Adele keeps it classic with nude colours.

Whatever you want to call them – stiletto nails, pointy nails, tapered nails, or even dagger nails – there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of this look in TinselTown. That name really says it all when you take notice of such nails. Of course, the dramatic look that these nails give off would prove seemingly difficult to pull off for regular folks with office jobs. Not to mention the fact that such nails are potentially dangerous if you’re not too careful. One thing is for sure though – these celebs certainly know how to rock this trend!

Rocking the Short Hair Cut: Celebs Show Us How It’s Done

Short hair seems to be super popular this year, with an increasing number of celebs stepping out onto the scene with new much shorter hair styles. So popular is this look that it’s on the list of 10 Hottest Hair Styles of 2013 by many industry experts. Some may have major hesitations about chopping off their locks, but others seem to be made for this short style. Celebrity music artists, like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Willow Smith and Pink have been making this trend hotter than ever.

Short hair isn’t necessarily one-dimensional. There are plenty of different styles that celebs musicians have been playing with, including:

  • The Pixie – Think Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy, who really were among the first to sport this ‘do;
  • The Pompadour – This “faux hawk” hair style is one of the hottest short hair cuts this year. It’s the perfect short style with a rocker edge to it;
  • The Shag – This look flatters all shape faces, and gives a modern edge to the classic short hair cut;
  • The Demi-Bob – Victoria Beckham made news headlines a couple of years ago with this style, which is still hot today.

Check out some of the hottest female musicians who are rocking the short hair style as of late:

Pink – Since she splashed onto the music scene over a decade ago, Pink has always sported a short hair style. In her early days, pink was the color of choice for her mane, and since then she has experimented with other colors, eventually settling for her signature platinum blonde. Despite her short hair, Pink has pulled off a variety of styles, including the Pixie, the Shag, the shaved sides, and the infamous Pompadour. Regardless of the style, Pink always manages to pull each look off and look totally chic and rock-star fabulous.

Her latest hair style is combining both super-short and super-long for the ultimate of both worlds. Known for her crazy antics both on stage and with her personal style, Pink has been channeling both Rapunzel and Sgt. Pepper with her almost-bald sides and her very long locks along the front and back. She stays true to het stage name, with streaks of pink accompanying her platinum blonde locks. According to Pink, June is the official ‘crazy hair’ month of the year! And what better way to start the warmer months off than with a truly unique rocker hair style!

Miley Cyrus
– Known for her long, girl-next-door hair, the former Disney star shocked everyone when she recently revealed her much shorter hair do! In fact, Miley loves her new shorter ‘do so much that she’s tweeted about never going back to her long tresses again! Apparently, channeling a little Bridget Neilson is the in-thing in the past little while, with unsuspecting A-listers mimicking the 80′s star’s super short locks.

The new short hair cut wasn’t exactly warmly welcomed at first by her fans, with many negative tweets splashing out after Miley first unveiled her new cut at the MTV VMA’s last year. The cut was basically heard ’round the world, with critics everywhere questioning the major style decision made. In her defence, Miley came back telling the world, “I love my hair”, also tweeting that her on-again, off-again beau Liam Hemsworth is totally in approval of the new look.

Perhaps it’s a lot for her fans to accept such a drastic change in Miley, going from clean-cut pop princess to provocative rocker chick. There’s no doubt that her look is the polar opposite of her style when she first
came out onto the scene, but her hair cut is starting to grow on the general public.

Rihanna – The sultry singer has certainly made a few quick changes with her hair, including long, medium length, red, black, blonde, and pixie short. Such frequent changes made her short hair cut nothing out of the ordinary for her fans. She seems to be able to rock every hair style that she comes up with. The short pixie hair cut that she sported a few years ago lasted a while, until she really started experimenting with extensions and colors.

Like Pink, Rihanna likes to play around with different short styles, including the Pixie, Shag, and of course, the Pompadour. Recently, Rihanna decided to ditch the extensions once again, and go back to her pixie cut with an edge. One thing is for sure – Rihanna is definitely able to pull off this look with impeccable style.

The new short hair cut of celebrity music artists seems to be the new ‘Rachel’. We’ll have to see who else comes out sporting a new shorter hair-do!

Modeling Metallic Among Music Stars

Hollywood’s hottest singers have always been known for bringing the latest fashion styles and trends to the mainstream. This time – it’s metallics. Golds, bronzes, silvers, platinums and even sparkles are shining on red carpets and music awards shows everywhere.

Metallics aren’t just about the typical silver and gold – even other bold hues, like royal blues and hot fuchsias are being tweaked with a little metallic flavor to give the fabric enough oomph to really be able to leave all the accessories behind. The metallic trend really does have a hot new motto for 2013, with top designers really amping up the finishes on their metallic fabrics.

These fantastic styles are being noticed – they’re virtually leaping off the runways of the fashion capitals around the world and into the closets of some of Hollywood’s hottest singers and musicians. What better way to show off an amazing metallic ensemble than on the red carpet of a widely broadcasted music awards show?

The standard for metallics has been set pretty high this season – even capes and swimsuits have been spotted in all sorts of metallics, like pinks, greens and yellows that were so intense you almost needed sunglasses to look at them. Designers are getting quite creative and imaginative with their pairing of sheer fabrics with metallics, draping layers of florals and stripes over top of bold metallics for an incredible sheen.

Regardless of the event, music stars have been pop[ing up everywhere adorning the flashiest metallics on their frocks, nails, shoes, jewellery and even hair accessories. Check out some of the following A-listers who love making an appearance in metallic:

Taylor Swift – the ‘Trouble’ star wowed the crowd at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Taylor splashed onto the red carpet wearing a metallic sequined Dolce & Gabbana gown as she posed for photographers who just couldn’t get enough of her frock. Paired with a simple pair of stud earrings and a tied back ‘do, Taylor was the epitome of elegance.

Ms. Swift is no stranger to metallics. She was also spotted sporting an amazing Zuhair Murad minidress covered in floral embellishments and gold beadwork when she strutted her stuff along the red carpet at the American Music Awards. She didn’t stop with the dress – metallic Jimmy Choo sandals finished off the look, along with gold florals earring studs.

Again, at the launch of her new fragrance, she sported an adorable cocktail dress in, of course, a metallic fabric! Somewhat of a mix of silver and gold, the shimmery fabric complimented her skin tone wonderfully, making her shine as brightly as her career.

Katy Perry – The fashion risk-taker loves to have fun on the red carpet in all sorts of wacky ensembles and hair colors, but she likes to look classy too. At the American Music Awards this year, Katy wore a wonderful metallic Vivienne Westwood dress accentuated with Chinese characters (of course!),
with her hair pulled back into an over-the-top undo decorated with a shiny geometric headpiece. Just to add a pop of color, she paired off the metallic gown with a pair of electric blue python heels.

Katy also sported a risqué silver-metallic bondage-style dress at an MTV VMA’s award show at Radio City Music Hall, complete with spikes protruding from her waist!

Beyonce Knowles – You can’t really except the Queen of Pop to wear something that wouldn’t be fashion-forward! Beyonce loves to stand out, and what better way to do that then with an amazing metallic outfit. At the 2013 Sound Of Change concert, Beyonce was mesmerizing in metallic with a shiny leopard print mini-dress, leading the train of glamorous women at this event. She finished off the outfit with an amazing pair of peuter metallic sky-high stilettos.

In what seemed like an effort to out-do even her own fashion-risque fashions, Beyonce stunned the crowd at the Billboard Music Awards in a metallic mesh bodysuit that looked somewhat like a spider-web twined macrame! Anything goes with Beyonce, who can seemingly do no wrong in the fashion world.

Jennifer Lopez – When it comes to flashy fashion, Jennifer Lopez just can’t stay off the list. There are numerous red carpet events catching J.Lo sporting a metallic number, like she did at the ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen show at the Mandalay Bay resort with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Wearing a snug sequined mini-dress mixing metallic and white, Ms. Lopez stunned the crowd.

Ms. Lopez is such a fan of metallics that she even wears them to dance practice without a stitch of makeup! Jennifer was photographed attending dance practice sporting a sparkling pair of metallic trousers, proving that she certainly has a taste for the outlandish.

The world of metallics certainly looks like it has some staying power. And if the ladies of music have anything to say about it, metallics are here to stay!

Trending: Music Hotties Rock Tall Gladiator Sandals

Combining sizzling summer fashion with warm weather has never been easier than with a fabulous pair of tall gladiator sandals! Top shoe designers like Jimmy Choo, Versace and Tom Ford have been sprawling the catwalks with some incredible designs that have been real show-stoppers. Of course, the gladiator sandal was pretty hot a while back, but then somewhat fizzled out for a little while. Well, all it took was a little time out of the limelight for these warrior-like sandals to make an appearance with the most incredible styles to date!

Of course, the first people on the planet to take notice of these shoes are Hollywood celebs, in particular music songstresses like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Ciara and Selena Gomez. Expect nothing less than the best in every aspect of fashion with these style icons, who have been spotted all over town, on red carpets and across photo spreads showcasing unforgettable tall gladiator sandals.

There are literally tons of versions of the gladiator sandals – tall, thigh-high, ankle-length, stilettos, wedges, flats, leather, metallic, steel, and so forth. Shoe designers have really been taking the gladiator sandal style to the limits, using every bit of creativity possible to come up with the most astounding and eye-catching designs possible. Whether you’re daring enough to wear a pair of thigh-high, patent-leather stiletto gladiators, or prefer to go a little more subtle and subdued in a pair of black flat versions, there’s not denying it – gladiator sandals are back – with a vengeance! Just check out some of the hottest music starlets gracing red carpets and streets everywhere in their new favorite pair of shoes.

Jennifer Lopez – J.Lo never disappoints, whether she’s at an event, on the red carpet, strolling on the streets of NYC, or even just on a shopping spree. Ms. Lopez has recently been featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine wearing a pair of show-stopping Tom Ford tall gladiator sandals that certainly would turn any head in the check-out line. Jen not only covers the magazine, but also makes a few appearances in the spread throughout, showcasing a variety of fabulous gladiators.

J.Lo also sported a pair of black Jimmy Choo gladiator high sandals with a white gown from Tom Ford’s Spring 2013 collection, as well as Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals for the HB spread. She certainly didn’t shy away from this look, and appeared to really enjoy modeling these amazing shoes that are hotter than ever this season.

Rihanna – RiRi is certainly no stranger to high fashion and risk-taking with her clothes, hair and accessories. It’s no wonder that she was one of the first A-listers caught photographed wearing a pair of unique gladiator sandals that were more thigh-highs then anything else. Regardless of her health issues prior, Rihanna strutted her stuff looking as hot as usual. Paired with a signature slinky outfit, Rihanna boarded a flight at LAX wearing a pair of super-tall, nude-colorer gladiator sandals that would make Spartacus blush.

On a separate trek through LA airport, Rihanna once again was spotted wearing a different pair of tall
gladiators, proving that she is a loyal fan of this footwear. Paired with short denim shorts and a baggy top, all it really took was a killer pair of gladiators to turn a drab ensemble into a trendy, stylish one.

Again, Rihanna was spotted out to dinner at Da Silvano restaurant in New York City wearing another pair of these increasingly famous sandals. This time, the style had a more ‘bondage’ feel to them, which totally mimics Rihanna’s fashion sense to the ‘T’.

Selena Gomez – The former Disney star is definitely feeling the power projecting from her gladiators with a pair of knee-high sandals that she sported to attended the Late Show With David Letterman in New York City. She totally looked like a Roman goddess in those strappy numbers, and later performed one of her hit songs on the show wearing these gladiators.

At the MTV Movie Awards, Selena continued to show her affection for gladiators, where she performed one of her hit songs sporting a pair of this trendy footwear, paired with a caftan and an Indian bindi on her forehead.

You’ve got celebrity approval – gladiator sandals are definitely one of the hottest trends of the season!